David (sudrin) wrote,

Dear Carmax Nashville

Carmax, you really need to do something about your supply chain. I don't know what the deal is but you need to get it fixed!

Last Friday while I was waiting in the waiting room for my battery to be replaced, I overheard one of the service technicians apologize to a customer who was there to have her headlamp replaced. Apparently according to him, the wrong lamp was in the box. They were very sorry, but they'd have to reorder the part and call her when it was ready. I thought this was strange, but working in the service business I know there are disappointments.

I myself was waiting on the arm assembly for my Windshield Wipers, but that part wasn't supposed to be in for a few business days.

Flash Forward to this morning. I receive a call from TaTa saying that my Wiper Assembly has arrived and when would I like to schedule an appointment. As soon as possible was the best option, since driving a car in the rain without windshield wipers is very very difficult.

So I arrive for my promised one hour wait. While I'm waiting, I overhear ANOTHER man talking to one of the service technicians about a part HE was waiting for being the incorrect part, and that they would have to re-order. I couldn't overhear the part this time, but he was visibly disappointed. What is going on I wonder to myself. But surely *I* will be okay. Right?


After almost an hour, I see the flash of my car out of the corner of my eye. Excited to finally be on my way, I head into the service area to pay.

I notice that TaTa is saying something to me. Some word that I can't exactly make out. "Have to Reorder" and "Alternator"

"Wait.. What?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Overstreet, but we got the wrong part.. We received an Alternator instead of the wiper assembly.. We'll have to reorder and I'll call you when its in"


Now, if this had JUST happened to me, I'd be upset. But KNOWING that there are two OTHER victims of this same sort of problem in just a few days.. I really think Carmax Nashville has some kind of problem!

Now, to be fair, and for the sake of full disclosure TaTa said they would cover half the cost of the labor, and half the cost of the part. I still find myself frustrated and amazed with all the hoops people are apparently having to jump through over there.

And now it looks like SNOW

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