David (sudrin) wrote,

You Pee Ess

When I got back from Vacation there was a package for my upstairs neighbor who is no longer in residence. Unfortunately neither I, nor my Landlord has any forwarding information. So on Monday I called UPS to have them come pick the package back up. They informed me that someone would be out Tuesday to pick it up.

Tuesday Morning I receive a call from the local UPS center and they inform me someone will be out today (Tuesday) to pick it up. As instructed I leave it on the porch near my door where it was when I got home. The day comes and goes, and the package is still there.

So this morning I call UPS again to ask about the package. They apologize and inform me that I will receieve a call from the local center with an update about the package. About 30 minutes later I get a call from the Local center and am informed that someone will be out to pick it up today. "Someone told me that yesterday", "Oh, I'm so sorry but one of the drivers spoke with another driver and he said he'd pick it up, but didn't"

Now, just 5 minutes ago I get a call from the center again with the dispatch agent as well as the driver on the line. The driver in the background is shouting and saying "it wasn't there". To which I inform them that it MOST CERTAINLY IS there and that I left it at my door. "Well, maybe the OTHER driver picked it up".

Never before have I had so much trouble returning something that wasn't mine. I just hope its nothing too valuable!

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