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Dear Turtle Beach

Dear Turtle Beach,

Your new X41s totally stink. I already own a pair for myself of the X4s and they have been great, but your "Upgrades" with the X41 are anything but. The headphones themselves feel cheaper, the earcups are scratchier and more uncomfortable, the replacement of a normal power plug with a USB connector to plug into the xbox for power adds a connection to my XBOX that is simply unnecessary. But to make matters worse, i'm on my SECOND PAIR and those need to be returned as well! The first pair had an annoying habit of causing the sound in the digital passthrough of cutting out randomly, but my second pair, while also having the problem of the first pair has an annoying buzzing sound whenever I speak! At this point i'd say your desire to cut costs on your new product line has seriously impacted the overall quality of your product.