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Well, I made a voice post of this, but I guess the goat ate it.

Anyway, I wake up this morning and someone is knocking on my door.  This is never a good thing, especially this early! So I run and get my robe only to be greeted by a strange man i've never seen before. He looks at me and says "Is Josh here?".  "Er.. No, I'm sorry" I say "There is no Josh that lives here".  He looks at me incredulously and sort of peeks around my body at the door. "This is the address" he says, Like I'm lying to him!  As though, he and Josh could be reunited IF ONLY I HADN'T ANSWERED THE DOOR.  "Sorry buddy" I respond "But this is A, try B, C or D there is no Josh here".  He shoots me another disbelieving look "Are you SURE?".  

"Yeah buddy, i'm sure."