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Comcast Timeline of Nincompoopiness

Tuesday June 23rd - Awake to discover that cablecards are stuck on the Paring screen. Call to Comcast requres resetting all 4 cablecards. Problem is resolved

Thursday June 26th - Discover Comedy Central, Bravo, and several other channels are not being recieved. Calls to Comcast meet confused answers such as "just wait and it will come back" and "There is a problem at the headend". Comedy Central remains off for almost 10 hours before returning

Tuesday June 30th - Several more channels, such as HBOHD and DiscoveryHD mysteriously go missing. Comcast says Cablecards need to be reset again, but reset does nothing. Customer Care rep takes Cablecard info AGAIN, says they will call back at 8AM. 9:30AM. I call Comcast to find out what is going on. Comcast states that "Cablecard Engineers" are "working on the problem".

To Be Continued.


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Jun. 30th, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
This is why I don't have cable. Sheesh!
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