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More BSG

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In the end I think the show failed because at the end it couldn’t decide exactly what the message was. In the end, Cylons were created by Man and rebelled against their creator. This sets MAN up as the godlike figure who children fall from grace and seek some kind of redemption through Gods plan. We are constantly confronted with a Monotheistic view vs a Polytheistic one. Moore fails us by judging that the Monotheistic view is correct by having Laura’s Polytheistic view fail her. None of the “Gods” prophecies come true, only the “God” ones. Thought experiment failure one. Moore fails us again by jettisoning the political angle as soon as it interferes with the story. After the Massacre of the Council they never make decisions again, they just blindly do whatever anyone says. (apparently, since we never seen them convene again). With so much made early regarding the fate of mankind and how that plays out in Politics that entire story is flushed right around the time that Gaeda dies. Zarek ends up being just a boogyman instead of an opposing point of view. The writers brand him as “Wrong” and he gets spaced. His spacing is the end of the political questions. Without that, Galactica becomes a monarchy with Adama as King. Thought Experiment failure two. Finally, The Kara Thrace question. They kept talking about how she was the Angel of Death, but they just dumped that whole plot when it became inconvenient to the plot. She leads them to earth for no way that is explained. She represents the very largest Deus Ex Machina and the most Tragic. Her feelings are entirely human and remain mostly unresolved, but she just vanishes in a puff of smoke. She’s the Gandalf the Grey reborn as Gandalf the White just without the Wisdom. She still drinks too much, fights too much, has too much sex, and yet she angst-ily leads them to Earth (Two? Three?). But why? What purpose does Earth REALLY serve for the plot? Is the important thing the journey or the destination? It can’t seem to decide in the end. With the influence of the “Angels” at the end the entire story is compromised as nothing but good things happening because “God” wants them to. If Kara had been the ONLY deus ex machine I might have been able to deal with it, but the SixTar at the end throws it all directly in your face. It leaves the “Viewer Character” with no doubts whatsoever as to the existence of a guiding force, while robbing them of any feelings of human growth. The show is a huge cycle where in the end SixTar is discussing if they will just be wiped out again. How does that help us as viewers? Despair? What happened to the parallels of what does man do in the face of the enemy? Can they come to terms with a killer and move on? Apparently not since Scooby Doo moments mean that we are stuck with a stain of betrayal from another betrayal.

I guess I just hate circular stories. It’s the same reason I hated the end of The Gunslinger Series. To me there is no more despair in the world than the idea of everything happening again and nobody ever learning from their lessons. It says the story of humanity is that eventually we will just be as shitty to each other as possible for land or ideals or women or possessions. To coin a phrase from Infocom. Rot, Rubbish, Figs!