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Voice Post

214K 1:08
“So the Starbucks near my apartment where I usually go to get frapuccinos(?) used to have this trash can. It was facing the drive through in other words as you were pulling out of the drive you could stop and put all your trash in there. All the receipts and all all the other shit they give you that you don't wanna keep in your car cos last time I was there I noticed that it was no longer facing the drive through in other words you could only get to it if you walked up to it. So I ask the barista(?) why they changed it and she told me the reason was because it was getting over filled. So in other words this trash can was getting used people and since it was just so full and they didn't wanna empty it they were getting upset because people were still using it even after it was full. So now an unused empty trash can sits facing away from the streets so that no one can use it. Excellent”

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Jan. 3rd, 2009 09:42 pm (UTC)
those bitches
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