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After work today I pissed off this lady behind me with my driving. We have this wierd intersection at Murphy/Acklen/Orleans

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Where Murphy Road meets Acklen Avenue and Orleans Drive. Acklen has the right of way (as a continuation of Murphy) and Orleans Drive has a stop sign. To prevent traffic jams, and as a general courtesy to other drivers, I stop to keep from blocking the intersection if there are already a lot of people waiting at the light. Since its only one lane if someone is turning from Murphy/Acklen onto Orleans they would block anyone behind them from continuing onto Acklen. This tends to have the effect of letting people on Orleans turning onto Murphy "Cheat" by moving past thier stop sign and into the lane blocking ME even though I have the right of way (Coup-Fourré!). I figure that dispite the occasional cheater i'm being a better driver by not just shoving my car into the road so I can go next. Occasionally the light changes before I can get there, but its a small price to pay.

Anyway, the lady behind me was very upset with me and she was honking and waving her arms as though she had somewhere very important to go. Frankly she could fuck off as far as I was concerned and I was expecting her to hotfoot it onto the freeway just as soon as she could.

But she didn't.

She hotfooted it down Murphy for half a mile to PRODUCE PLACE. I guess she was in a hurry to buy some produce.

I mean I know at least when *I* am in a huge hurry to get home its to do something valuable... you know.. like play video games.


Sep. 24th, 2008 03:25 pm (UTC)
He's in the Navy though, so he has an excuse. :)