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Adventures in Rainchecks

A friend of mine is looking for a WiiFit, and being the "Find it" guy that I am, I offered to track one down for her. Using my patented super secret methods I discovered that Best Buy had it in their sale paper for the weekend so I arrived early and waited in line. Unfortunately, the WiiFit shipment didn't arrive, and to avoid hurt feelings the manager issued "Rain Checks" even though it said "No Rain Checks".

So I make my way to the Customer Service Desk to get my Rain Check. It was simple. They asked for my telephone number and I provided them with my Cell Phone number (Which is the only phone I have anymore). So the Raincheck prints out, and I'm on my way.

A few minutes later, while wandering the store I took it out to marvel at it. I noticed my telephone number was my old home phone so I decided to wander back to customer service to have it changed. While I was waiting I overheard someone else getting a WiiFit Raincheck being told how it works "They will call you and you have to come that day and pick it up". That sounded pretty serious and so I was glad I was getting the number fixed. I could only imagine them calling a disconnected number and giving up. So finally another woman frees up and asks me what she can do for me. I explained the situation with the number being wrong, and she looked at the rain check and said "Oh, it won't matter anyway because your prefered contact method is US MAIL. In a serious tone I explained that I doubted, given what the other customer service woman had said, that Best Buy was just going to keep a WiiFit around for me to pick up while US MAIL sent me notice. This information didn't seem to have any effect on her and she seemed like she was going to do nothing. I again expressed my desire to make my contact method something other than US mail. About this time the customer service woman who was explaining the urgent need to pick up your wiifit on the day its sent comes over and takes over. Apparently just changing the contact method or phone number requires you to recreate the whole Rain Check. She asks again "What is your phone number". I tell her my Cell Phone number. After what seemed like an unusual amount of time, she hands me a new Rain Check.

So I take a few steps away only to look down and see that while my prefered contact method is no longer US MAIL ITS STILL MY OLD NUMBER!

I step back to her before she has a chance to get away or help anyone else.

"Sorry to be a bore, but the number is still wrong"

"Oh? you need to change the number now?"

"That was what I came back for!" I said a bit urgently

"I was nowhere around when you said that"

YOU WERE STANDING RIGHT THERE! I thought to myself, but didn't say, not wanting to make it worse somehow

"Telephone number?" and for the THIRD TIME I gave them my Cell Phone Number.

"Any MORE numbers you want to add to that?"


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Aug. 11th, 2008 09:23 pm (UTC)
Aug. 12th, 2008 01:13 am (UTC)
i had a similar experience with UPS and GardensAlive (organic gardening supplier). Customer Service -- feh. Expletives don't even hit the mark.
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