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When We Left Earth

Watching When We Left Earth on Discovery really made me actually appreciate the fear these extraordinary people must have felt in actually landing on the moon and all the missions leading up to it. Having been born after it happened I think it always seemed like a sure thing, but some of the footage they have of the actual missions you really can't help but appreciate how scary the first EVA, the first test of the LEM, right up to the first actual Landing. I really wish we had something to bring us together collectively the "Race into space" seems to have generated. Watching the first test of the LEM in Earth Orbit actually made me afraid for the crew, and its not like I didn't know what was going to happen. And then landing on the moon Aldrin is getting "Program Alarm 1201 (and 1202)" with only seconds of fuel left. Instead of being a Hollywood movie these people were really risking thier lives with some chance of not coming back.