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GTA IV can suck my balls

So I'm on what amounts to the first mission in the game. It involves driving Niko's cousin to a Poker game. The cars handle really wierd and seem capable of flight at the slightest attempt. So I'm struggling with it, but I make it there fine. While there, some thugs show up and we have to drive away to escape them. Well, on one of the turns the car seems to leap Mario style into the air and over the side down below into an alley. Its dark and I can't seem to find my way out so i'm hitting the wall and trashing the car. Finally I get free and the people chasing us have left. So we head back to the cab company at the start of the mission. The car is nearly toast at this point but I'm taking it slow so I should be able to make it. But instead of turning the corner and going where the game wants me to, I drive into the actual garage of the cab company. I drive a little too fast and tap into a support beam. BAM... The Car is Totalled.. Mission failed.