David (sudrin) wrote,

Major video game consoles

The first home video games
Magnavox Odyssey | Coleco Telstar | Pong

Pre-crash 8-bit systems
Atari 2600 | Magnavox Odyssey² | SG-1000 | Intellivision | Colecovision | 5200

8-bit era
NES | Master System | 7800

16-bit era
SNES | Mega Drive/Genesis | TG16 | Jaguar

32-bit / 64-bit era
Nintendo 64 | PlayStation | Saturn | 3DO

Sixth generation era
Dreamcast | GameCube | PS2 | Xbox

Seventh generation era
PlayStation 3 | Revolution | Xbox 360

Bold systems I owned

Interesting.. I owned all the "Sixth Generation" boxes. The Dreamcast was the one that took Sega out of the console business. It was a real missed oportunity as it had some cool games (Crazy Taxi for example). Nintendo will likely not get any more of my console dollars because the N64 and Gamecube have been very disappointing to me game wise. Both nice consoles, but neither delivered in the game market. I really think Microsoft can suck it with the 360, so I guess I'm stuck anxiously anticipating the Playstation 3!

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